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Book A Story Teller

Are you looking for a storyteller for your camp, conference or family event?
Ellen Hooge has decades of experience telling stories to people of all ages at churches, camps and conferences.

She is has been married to Jack for over 30 years, has four grown daughters and 5 grandchildren. She lives in Calgary Alberta and works with Path Finders Bible Adventures. Ellen’s life experience has brought her alongside First Nations and Metis people and she has learned many inspiring stories from their cultures. She also loves to tell exciting stories from the Bible that help us all to live in harmony with God and others.

For a fee, Ellen just asks that her gas and travel expenses be compensated. If your organization offers an honorarium it will go directly into the production of the next Path Finders book and lesson plan cd.   

Check Out Anchored Warriors

Tristan and Lesley Lefthand, Kim Kakakaway, Amy Sell are encouraging Aboriginal and Metis youth to know Jesus.

“We as a team have all been so encouraged by the amazing way God has been working in the lives of not only the youth and young adults  we have been connected with this year through our different events, but also through the way God is working THROUGH youth. They are the ones that will change and make a
difference in their home communities, and we can already see this happening."

If you would like the Anchored Warriors team to do a Youth event in your area, please contact them through their Blog or Face Book page.